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We got acquired by Live Nation Entertainment

We are thrilled to announce that Meexo has been acquired by Live Nation Entertainment. Our team will be part of Live Nation Labs, which is building a portfolio of digital products. We are very excited to join such an exceptional team of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our team started creating mobile apps when phones had black & white screens. We built location-based services when GPS phones were only available in Japan. We always believed in our guts that mobile would change our lives, not only in a utilitarian way but also in an emotional way. We founded Meexo with the goal of connecting people in a more meaningful way.

Today, we are starting to see our early dreams turning into reality. Context is becoming implicit as opposed to explicit. After spending decades listening to our phones, our phones are starting to listen and pay attention to us. We are developing a two-way relationship with our devices, which is so intimate that technology is becoming invisible and fully integrated into our lives. And this opens the doors to new emerging possibilities and new horizons for entrepreneurs to explore. Live Nation Labs is committed to be at the front row of innovation, and we believe that together we will open great new acts.

Finally, we would like to thank the women and men who have believed in us and believed in our vision. We have been honored to be backed by a group of amazing investors, and humbled by the support we have received from our users and friends. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Meexo Co-Founders Romain David and Dav Yaginuma

Eric Garland, GM of Live Nation Labs wrote a great post. Thanks to Jacob and the Exitround team.